Monday, December 31, 2012

What I Want out of 2013

1. For the words rape, fag, gay, and phrases like "kill yourself" to be taken out of the world's vocabulary. Specifically, out of gaming vocabulary.

2. Actually, how about gaming disappears?

3. For people to give up opposition to love. Gay love, straight love, interracial love—if it's love, no matter what the kind, it's undoubtedly better than hate.

4. For people to stop hating each other for having opposing political views. That's why we vote. Now shut up about it.

5. For all judgment to cease. We all do stupid things, mean things, hurtful things, and things that nobody else understands. The sooner we accept this, the better we will all get along.

6. For God to be allowed back in schools. Church and state can be separate without restricting the freedom of those who believe in God but may not be able to afford private school.

7. For teachers to be able to provide their students with an education, not just a lesson plan.

8. For "family time" to include activities that exclude any type of screen.

9. For all the Kindles to burn in a fiery, fiery funeral pyre larger than the state of Alabama.

10. For everyone to appreciate honesty as much as my best friend does.

11. For all those folks who showed up in theaters to see Les Mis to stop hiding when other pieces of art and literature are struggling to make an appearance in society.

12. Robin Williams for President.

13. For jobs to be payed according to social importance, i.e., teachers should be payed more than reality show pimps.

14. For "Man in the Mirror" to actually take effect on people, especially politically. African hunger is sad, but it's okay to start with the hunger in our own country before we pretend we're going to fix the world.

15. For real crimes to stop being turned into Lifetime movies. It just happened. No, a year is not enough of a "sensitivity period."

16. All video games to be demolished except Pacman.

17. NO MORE REMAKES OR SEQUELS. There are plenty of struggling writers in this world. Hire some of them to write better movies.

18. Better yet, hire them to fix all the profane grammatical errors in advertisements.

19. For people to stop being afraid to be human. Rejection happens, pain happens, mistakes happen, and no matter how hard you try to avoid it, you will get hurt. There does happen to be some truth in "go big or go home." If you go home, at least you tried. The effort is always better than the avoidance.

20. For more people to bring to social awareness the things that matter to their hearts. No more songs about that booty all up in da flo or the chain hangin' low or rides on disco sticks. How about some more work from Macklemore and U2 and other people who take notice and try to spread awareness. Or, you can write songs about sex that don't have to be vulgar as @#!%. Think a little more Bryan Adams, a little less 50 Cent.

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